November 2013 – I froze my company/toiminimi and joined L Architects, working as architect and LEED consultant.

September 2013 – the permission drawings / lupahakemus for 14 houses in Klaukkala were submitted.

February 2013 – I’m LEED consultant for L Architects, working mainly with projects in Russia.

December 2012 – the permission drawings/lupahakemus for 3 houses in Espoo were submitted.

November 2012 – new Finnish and Italian projects with Eco Timber House are in the pipeline!

September 2012 – the report “Skanssi 2025” is presented to Turku’s authorities.

August 2012 – I was invited as external critic and guest lecturer at the final presentation of 18th YKT/IFHP Summer School. Welcome to the main hall of Aalto School of Economics on Saturday 18th at 14.00.

August 2012 – an article about my experience as emigrant and architect is published today on the Trieste’s newspaper, Il Piccolo

July 2012 – Aquador’s office is now open.

June 2012 – construction starts in Lauttasaari for the Aquador’s temporary office!

May 2012 – Gworkshop is held at Paviljonki on 30.5, a collaboration between professor Panu Lehtuvuori, the Architecture Museum and me.

May 2012 – The DoTank’s Hernesaari kokeilu- ja markkinapaikkana report was officially presented on 14.05.

April 2012 – organizing a couple of workshops in the Architecture Museum’s summer pavilion, stay tuned for the exact program&dates!

April 2012 – we are now finalizing the showroom project, soon going to the building site!

March 2012 – revealed the winners of the container and pump station competitions. Here’s my entry.

February 2012 – my article on the new Guggenheim museum in Helsinki and why the city is losing 2 big opportunities has been published on both Helsinki Sanomat (only paper version) and Helsinki Times

January 2012 – our report on temporary uses and spaces is now online. On Wednesday 18.1 it will be officially presented to City of Helsinki.

December 2011 – this is how it went my first full year with AFA toiminimi : – )

December 2011 – groundbreaking for Aquador office and showroom in Lauttasaari, Helsinki

November 2011 – I’ve been invited in Amsterdam to talk about NSDM wharf project and the leverage of Temporary Uses and Spaces in urban planning. On this topic we, DoTank, made a study for the City of Helsinki. Soon it will be publicly presented, stay tuned!

October 2011 – finalizing the permission drawings for a showroom in Lauttasaari

September 2011 – The collaboration between the Finnish wood construction company Eco TimberHouse and AFA – Arkkitehti Francesco Allaix is now official. We are woking on 2 projects in Finland and several projects and partnerships in the Italian market.

August 2011 – (in)visible city comes back to the courtyard for the Night of the Arts! The Välipala summer installation will be shown in a different way, but respecting its key concepts: recycled materials, interaction, innovative use of space, exploring the limit between architecture and design.

August 2011 – after some amazing holidays in the Far-East, we are back on tracks! New project in the pipeline, soon the deals will become public!

June 2011 – Architect Paolo Caravello and me are working on a temporary and interactive installation between the Architecture Museum and Designmuseo. It’s called (in)visible city, inspired by Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities book. Check here for more info and here for a daily update (between 14.07 and 24.07) of this evolving project!

June 2011 – DoTank’s Tapahtumatori project is getting concrete! Book your container here.

May 2011 – my proposal More with less is the winner of the infographics competition Sujuva! Rakennettu ympäristö 2025!

May 2011 – first public presentation of a new urban plan (15 ha.) for a former factory area;  I’m part of the team working on it, under the office CEJ Arkkitehdit

April 2001 – kick-off meeting of temporary uses’ project, related to this… stay tuned!

March 2011 – Kimmo Rönkä, from DoTank, presented our work on Hernesaari at the Creative Metropoles seminar

January 2011 – My entry, along with the others that participated at the Designkatu competition, is on display at Laituri from today 11.01 until 22.01

November 2010 – I’m part of the DoTank, the team organizing (together with the City of Helsinki) a workshop on Hernesaari. The results has been published here

September 2010 – speaker at WHAT’S NEXT? Planning With the Community? Social Engagement? seminar at Habitare fair

August 2010 – Archetype Revisited paper published on Architetti Cercasi web page

May 2010 – my entry Evolving Urbanity for the competition The Self-Sufficient City has been selected for the homonym publication and exhibition at the CCCB museum in Barcelona, Spain.

April 2010 – participant to an intensive workshop Post Oil Cities

January 2010 – publication of the analysis and projects of the workshop Riabitare_coabitare Porti_città /Porti_regione, to which I participated as tutor

April 2009 – publication of the analysis on Kalasatama (Helsinki’s former eastern harbour), on which I worked with SBBA Oy and Dutch researcher Klaske Havik