Hernesaario (2012)

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The DoTank team developed an economy, culture and tourism oriented study, based on temporary uses and focusing on 4 different scenarios for Hernesaari. Dubbed Hernesaario, the Ely keskus funded report Hernesaari kokeilu- ja markkinapaikkana Elämyksellisen palvelukonseptin tutkimusavusteinen 
jalkauttaminen presents a strategy for the short term development (2012-2015) of the harbour area, considering both the tourists needs (more than 300.000 tourist disembark there every summer) and the citizens ones (continuation of the shoreline with start up,  leisure, entertainment, shopping and cultural activities). Besides the main report, 3 attachments focus individually on the financial aspect (Tarjontakartoitus), temporary uses (From Pop-ups to Start-ups) and cultural actors (Kulttuuritilat).

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