Härmälänranta (2011)

härmälänranta thumbnail

Master plan for Härmälänranta (Tampere), by architecture office CEJ Oy

The area (116 ha) is a former airplane factory, with industrial activities still going on for a few years. The master plan starting point is to preserve and adaptively reuse the old industrial buildings, while gradually inserting a whole new neighborhood in the empty plots. Three main streets would run parallel to the coast while, independently to the car circulation, three pedestrian routes cross the area from the park to the beach, from the shopping mall to the new swimming pool, from the bus stop to the creek. The  project seeks diversity but not cacophony, hierarchy but not stiffness, integration but not confusion. A more detailed study of the existing buildings suggested how to transform them into a housing towers+greenhouse, a housing+private parking, a hotel and a park in between the exisiting gigantic concrete frames.

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