(in)visible city: draw, write and be inspired! (2011)

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(in)visible city is an evolving event based on interaction and made with recycled materials and materialized thoughts on the city of Helsinki.

Visitors are invited to the courtyard between Museum of Architecture and Designmuseum to draw, write and create freely on transparent acrylic sheets.  Thoughts and visions will literally materialize day by day, filling and redefining this typically under-used urban void. The aim is to stimulate reactions from everybody, from a child’s drawing to citizens considerations on the city, from games to advice for tourists, from graffiti to poetry.

The project is a winning proposal (by Paolo Caravello and me) for Valipala 2011 and is sponsored but the two museums and Staples Finland. The opening ceremony is on the 14th of June at 16:00, see you there! (ps: you can follow the daily updates of this evolving project here).


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