More with less (2011)

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Winner of the infographics competition Sujuva! Build environment 2025

Every person conserned about the environment would like to make a difference, to give his own contribution to cut CO2 emissions and consume in a more sustainable way. But we are flooded by information and it’s difficult to grasp what really counts and what is the magnitude of our actions in rispect to the environment. Therefore on the poster, on the left side, we collected some examples of myths, facts and contraddictions to compare some hot topics and opinions with sheer numbers. Based on this approach, our proposal is to improve the annual electricity bill that every Helsingin Energia’s costumer recives at home once a year. We think this could be a very powerful tool to sensibilize citizens to a better and more sutainable use of electricity (therefore energy).  The actual report has some information, but it’s not user-friendly and is just a passive tool, it doesn’t provide any suggestion on how to use home electricity in a more sustainable way. On the other hand, on Helen webpage the Sävel application is rich of information, but it’s “hidden” in the web (under the flood of information as said before). So the questions we wanted to answers are: what information is useful to change our behavoir? What actions have the bigger impact on the environment? How to use home electricity in a wiser way? What can we do to improve the quality of or building environment right now, from 2011 onwards?




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