Designkatu (2010)

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Open competition, part of the programme for Helsinki’s 2012 World Design Capital

Laivalahdenkatu and Mekaanikonkatu need a systematic rethinking in order to express the new “business card” of Herttoniemi business district. The project proposes 2 strips on the margins of the streets. The first strip is a new catalyst for Laivalahdenkatu: the  the longest bench in Finland (and maybe in the world), a temporary icon for the World Design Capital 2012, a snake in the lawn. The second one proposes a synergy between cars, companies and the need for better street illumination: new LED lights and billboards are supplied by renewable piezoelectricity. Along with those 2 big (but light) interventions, the project propose some other small actions, like ago-punctures to create a more interesting, functional and enjoyable urban space, for example customized urban furniture, recycled elements for original playgrounds, innovative bike traffic counter and info display post.




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