The Self-sufficient City (2009)

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Competition held by IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture (Barcelona, Spain)
Published in Ark 03-2009 (with SBBA Oy) and project selected for the The self-sufficient City book and exhibition at CCCB, Barcelona.

Here you can find my one-minute presentation of the project.

The proposal Evolving Urbanity is a response to a lack of strategic planning in the actual blueprint of Kalasatama, Helsinki’s former eastern harbour.
Started as a work in SBBA Oy, the theme of evolving urbanity is further developed. The aim is a sustainable development strategy, flexible enough to keep the pace with constantly mutating contemporary global city.
A comparison with some cities’ districts highlighted crucial improvements on the block scale, while a SWOT analysis helped to portray Kalasatama’s new features, inhabitants and developments. LEED concepts and strategies are used as part of the integrated planning and design process.



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